28 Nov 2007


Female - White European - Lt Brown collar length hair - proportionate build - early to mid 40s - known to frequent the Redditch area - ex teacher - previously 'dabbled in marijuana'. This woman is part of a gang who have consistently stripped the nation of its assets, lied to cover up their actions and continually deceived others about their true purpose. They have robbed people of their reasonable remuneration increments whilst awarding themselves massive pay increases, they have reneged on previous agreements and are renouned for plausable but engineered answers when challenged with difficult questions.

If you have any information about this dangerous woman and her gang please contact Crimestoppers.

Guardian Report: Police forces should issue comical caricatures of the criminals they are hunting instead of standard photofits, according to a team of scientists who found that cartoon-like faces are better at jolting people's memories. A study at the University of Central Lancashire found that over-emphasising prominent features on people's faces made them twice as easy to identify than before.

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Edward1 said...

The Scotch Government in England has decided that English policemen will not get their payrise backdated, unlike those policemen in Scotchland, whose Scotch Government in Scotland says they can have their payrise backdated because the English are paying for it.

I wouldn't be surprised if English policemen didn't start arresting everyone they heard talking with a scotch accent on the grounds that they are probably illegal immigrants. It could take quite a while to establish their right to be in this country

Policing - Could you?