7 Oct 2007

Red tape 'threat to Poppy Day parades'

The Telegraph: The petty bureaucracy of local authorities and the police threatens to halt Remembrance Sunday parades, Service veterans said.
Here we go again!
Organisers of parades are being threatened with street cleaning bills, told to carry out 'risk assessments' and the like? My cynical head makes me think the 'political correctness' lobby are putting obstacles in the way of remembrance simply to appease minority groups, especially in light of the recent 'conflicts' that many are uncomfortable with...
Strange that, these people used to be grouped together under the heading of 'conscientious objectors during the two World Wars and then, like now, weren't liked much by ordinary decent folk! Petty bureaucracy gone mad!
The head of the Army, Gen Sir Richard Dannatt, has called for local authorities to arrange parades for returning regiments based in their areas. The Daily Telegraph has also campaigned for troops to be given a heroes' welcome when they return from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's hope the conchies don't win the day, after all they would never have had their 'freedom of speech' if it wasn't for those who laid down their life in our armed forces.

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