5 Oct 2007

North Yorks Funding Crisis

The York Press have asked; why is everyone so upset about the possibility of the Government taking £10 million in grants from the high-achieving North Yorkshire Police? There is no doubt any funding cuts will hurt the force and it's ability to provide policing services to the county. But the Government will be laughing all the way to the bank. After all, should the crime rate rise, they can batter the police forces and coerce the police authorities into a second bite at amalgamation. It makes sense - until you realise that this "now" Government (robbing Peter to pay Paul) can never solve this country's crime problems until it provides the solid base of financial security to provide the manpower, the equipment and psychological security of the bobby on the beat. Communities are heartily sick of the "spin" of change. They expect their representatives (MPs) to fight, to stand up and be counted. The consultations end in November. The consultation with the public may well be a "take it or leave it" council tax demand by North Yorkshire Police in 2008. Can you afford this Government? York Press urging readers to support The Press campaign to Fund Our Force, which highlights the threat to police funding in North Yorkshire. Sign the No.10 Petition.

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