5 Oct 2007

Postman Pat is unhappy

No postman banging on the door this morning at some god unearthly hour because the letter box isn't big enough! The BBC report: 'Royal Mail workers have started the first of two 48-hour walkouts in a protest over pay and fears of job cuts'. It appears that the posties are unhappy about their pay... At the centre of the mail dispute is the CWU's objection to the Royal Mail's 2.5% pay offer and modernisation plans, which it says will put about 40,000 jobs at risk.
Alf says: Welcome to the public sector club! We (the police) are in our second year of dispute over the exact same issues. The stark difference is that posties, unlike the police, are able to utilise the full range of industrial action against their employer.
Royal Mail say; "We regret that this industrial action will have a significant impact on Royal Mail’s Door to Door service during this period and for sometime afterwards". It's interesting to note that the DWP will be making 'special arrangements' so all the 'sick, lame & lazy', sorry I mean 'unemployed' of the nation can still get their dole etc... No connection with the fact the majority are likely to be predominantly Labour voters. Cynic, me?
The police pay dispute is still going through all the 'talking shops' despite Gordon Brown saying at this year's ACPO Conference; “There is no greater responsibility than that which you as police officers accept. And there is no greater obligation for us in government than to support you in discharging that duty”.
Alf says: Sometimes it's interesting to read what people with no connection to the issue have to say e.g. 'Speaker's Corner' - PC Advisor Magazine. However, Talk is cheep Mr. Brown... Bet he doesn't put the money where his mouth is!

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