5 Oct 2007

Sings; "These boots are made for walking" etc. etc.

BUY your own boots - police officers in North Yorkshire are told! Uniformed officers across the county have been told they will have to buy their own boots as the force tightens its purse strings. Some officers have hit out at the decision by management to stop issuing Magnum boots however, when I joined we didn't even get boots 'issued'. Perhaps that's why I've never got around to putting a clothing order in for any, I've always been used to buying my own. There you go, 25+ years of savings for the force however, I don't suppose I'll get any financial efficiency award though! Apparently the boots cost the force around £60 per pair or £96,000 in total for the 1,600 police officers.
One member of the force has been quoted as saying; "Surely the boots are an important part of any front line officer's equipment? It seems tight when senior management are all driving around in posh cars paid for by the force." A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said; "Following a review of all equipment provided to staff and officers, it was decided to withdraw the provision of boots for uniformed staff. A £55 tax allowance can be claimed back against the cost of purchase."
"These Boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!"

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