4 Oct 2007

Many arrests in North Yorkshire crime blitz!

York Press Headline: 4,000 people have been arrested in North Yorkshire as part of a regional crime crackdown. They went on to say; "Police in the county also handed out 3,500 fixed penalty notices and carried out 147 warrants during Operation Impact, which finished on Sunday. The operation was today hailed a success by North Yorkshire Police as it was revealed that crime figures dropped by ten per cent in August and 12 per cent in September. The results have been attributed mainly to Operation Impact and the road policing initiative Operation Helical." Sounds Good? Yes it does however, this is really another dose of spin... You know, the skill that politicians utilise fully, well even the police are developing it as a useful tool now.
What we fail to tell Mrs Miggins, who has waited to see a police officer for days is, 'Special Operations' make a big whole in the ability of cops to deal with the normal day to day stuff. Well I suppose theft of her lawnmower, hardly makes for 'sexy' headlines does it? Ask any of the highly paid 'Media Managers' that are employed by police forces across the land these days!

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