18 Aug 2007

Work Related Blogs?

Continuing my 'research' into the phenomenon that is Blogging, I found an excellent resource entitled Work Related Blogs & News.
Now I suppose I (like many others) came to blogging out of sheer frustration. Of not being listened to by managers and a feeling that 'experience' often appears to count for nothing in the workplace!
It is amazing how often you experience the 'reinvention of the wheel' when you have been in a particular working environment for some time. How often have you seen 'the wheel' referred to as, 'a device with force bearing on the axle has an eccentricity e with the point of contact to the rolling surface and exerts a moment about the contact point'. Or something similar, at the end of the day it's just a bloody wheel.
It doesn't matter how some high flying 'new kid on the block' wants to refer to it and tart it up, it's simply a wheel... Why then do we continue to go through the painful process of reinventing it?
I'll tell you why, it's so the 'high flyer' in question can add it to their CV as 'delivering a fundamental business change for the progression and/or profitability of the company'. Far too often these days we see people who consider their employment, irrespective of it's nature as simply a vehicle for personal progression and higher remuneration. That's fine if that's all you want out of life but to some people, their belief and passion in the task is their personal reward, none more so than in the emergency services!
The 'reinvention of the wheel' phenomenon boils down to self promotion and self inflation of personal worth! As simple as that...
The content of Work Related Blogs & News, which is penned by a far more educated person than I, offers comprehensive information about blogs in the work place, of management styles and HR comment. If your blogging interest is anything more than just a platform to vent your spleen, you'd be well advised to take a read.

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