20 Aug 2007

'Urgency needed' on knife crime

There must be greater urgency behind the fight to tackle knife crime and anti-social behaviour, the innovation, universities and skills secretary says. The BBC have interviewed John Deham MP who said: "The knife crime we have seen recently and some of the drunken behaviour - shows we are not where we need to be on those issues," You don't say??? Mr Denham also hinted at "powerful new legislation" to fight the problem after the latest teenage knife victim was named as 16-year-old Andrew Holland from Greater Manchester. One refreshing point was Mr Denham (and hopefully his colleagues in Government) have finally realised 'there are deeper problems underlying the rise in street violence'. I'm not sure I hold with his request for 'perseverance' though. How much longer must the law abiding citizens of this Nation wait for 'effective' action to curb the problem?

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