20 Aug 2007

Black military officers to fix youth problems?

It has been reported in The Guardian that; Black military officers are to be drafted in to work with youths at risk of being sucked into inner city teenage violence. Apparently high ranking officers (military & civilian) from ethnic minority groups have been approached by the government to tackle the gang problem? They will be asked to identify junior colleagues in the armed forces and police who can act as mentors, and to give the scheme credibility with donors.

Now I understand the raison d'etra of the thought process and yes, there is a need for 'role models' to influence our disaffected youth. But this doesn't address the other influences they already have in their own communities. Influences such as the rich drug Baron and thugs who 'demand' respect by fear of violence. These are the influences that are likely to be far stronger. I can't help thinking this is another half baked knee jerk reaction from the government. Designed and penned by some party political media spin doctor looking to raise the party profile prior to the next opinion pole?

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