2 Aug 2007

North Yorkshire Police Awards 2007

PC Harry Baker stationed at Whitby is the North Yorkshire Neighbourhood Police Officer of the Year for 2007. He has become a familiar figure within the local communities who appreciate his conscientious work and his problem-solving skills tackling a wide variety of issues ranging from tourist parking to neighbour’s disputes to bullying in school... So says the NYP media release.

Yes Harry may be what is now termed an 'NPT Officer' however, the style of policing he has been awarded for is nothing new to the sticks, it's what the majority of us do and, it's what our 'customers' over the years have come to expect!

I'm not suggesting that Harry isn't deserving of the award for one minute but aren't we all supposed to be public servants and carry out our role as part of the community? It should never be an us and them situation but unfortunately, with the government messing and creation of a multi tear policing structure that's the way we are going! How long before it's only CSOs that get this recognition and we, the fully sworn police officers are only there to dish out strong arm retribution to the drunken, ill behaved underclasses?

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