2 Aug 2007

Police in India are desperately seeking geeks to help them fight cyber crime....

Officers in Chandigarh, in the Punjab region, plan to recruit a team of computer savvy nerds. A senior Punjab officer told the Times of India: "Geeks will be the masters and act as the real super cops in the virtual world."... Source

S M Sharma, head of the Pubjab Police Computer and Telecommunication department, said he was reacting to a dramatic increase in online crime across India."It will be easier to outsource nerds to do the job as it is probably easier to train technology experts to become investigators, than vice-versa"

Once hired the police geeks will also be used to train cops who currently “can't tell a laptop from a PC” Surprise!
Perhaps this will take off (has taken off) in the UK? How about outsourcing policing services to crooks? Anything is possible with this government!

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