23 Nov 2007

Government CSO claim is false...

Half of Britons do not feel safer with police community support officers (PCSOs) patrolling the streets, according to a new poll. This topic also got an airing recently in the Tonight with Trevor McDonald programs about 'The Thin Blue Line'. Unsurprisingly, commenting on the poll, a Home Office spokeswoman trotted out the usual clap trap about CSOs being "an invaluable addition to policing".
I have no desire to rubbish the good men and women who are trying to put something back into our society and their communities however, for invaluable read 'poorly trained cheaper substitute'. Even the CSO's are often being conned by their employer and, in many cases put in physical danger.
The HO spokeswoman continued; "They are a complement to, not a replacement for, sworn police officers." With that point most educated people would agree however, they are actually being used to deceive the public, to con us into believing the uniforms we see on the streets are in fact police officers.
Wake up madam Home Secretary, our society in general has more intelligence than you give it credit for. Those that don't see the true picture don't care and, their behaviour is certainly not influenced by pretend cops in pretend uniforms. Politicians have to understand this shallow charade won't sucker the public for much longer! Despite the beliefs of the ill informed self important Police Minister.

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