27 Sep 2007

Try the Charles Bronson method or get a 'Trunk Monkey'?

The law on "have-a-go heroes" is to be urgently reviewed to give honest members of the public more confidence to step in, Justice Secretary Jack Straw is to announce. Not content with preventing the police from patrolling the streets due to mountains of paperwork or, replacing those officers with pretend cops in the form of the PCSO, the government is now actually going to encourage 'Jo Public' to do the job of the police themselves!

Jack straw will tell the Labour Party conference; "The justice system must not only work on the side of people who do the right thing as good citizens but also be seen to work on their side." His spokesman added that any reforms would seek to reassure people that the law allows them to use reasonable force to apprehend suspects, as set out in the 1967 Criminal Law Act.

His spokesman says "we will not be encouraging anyone to act recklessly" and added; "We want to make clear that we will support people for doing the right thing." Perhaps he's just had a Charles Bronson film out from the video shop? Personally, I like the idea of using The Trunk Monkey to redress the balance for law abiding citizens!

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