27 Sep 2007

No Money means no cops!

The BBC report that the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police has described possible cuts to the force's budget as "potentially devastating". Apparently the government is considering changing the way in which grant funding to police authorities is calculated and, our grant could be cut by as much as £10m! The Chief has said this will "jeopardise jobs if the changes went ahead". Hardly surprising as North Yorkshire Police currently receives £73m a year from central government, 58% of its total funding.
Alf says: We are already scrabbling around trying to make up a £5m shortfall in our budget for the next financial period, how the hell is the force expected to cope with loosing more than half of its total funding? The public of North Yorkshire already struggle to see a proper police officer when they need one and no doubt it's likely to get worse! Thank god I'm getting close to retirement. Being a copper is becoming an embarrassment!

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