7 Aug 2007

Woman fined £500 for hoax calls to emergency services

A Lonely woman who bombarded the 999 service because she wanted someone to talk to has been condemned for putting lives at risk... And rightly so! A colleague in the control room pointed out that she was often so hammered you couldn't even tell what she was saying. The comment in the media about an 'alcohol problem' was obviously an understatement! My friend also said the majority of 999 calls they receive are not emergencies, many people use the emergency number like a Freephone NYP.
A typical conversation goes something like;
NYP: Police Emergency
Call: It ain't an emergency right, it's like I ain't got no credit on me mobi
NYP: You should ring 0845 60 60 247
Call: Like I just said, I ain't got no credit mate! You effing fick or summat?
British Telecom estimate that around 40% of all 999 calls are malicious - 2,700 of them are made in the North-East every year. Yep Mr Brown, the idea about raising the driving age is great and whilst your on, introduce financial and educational testing of our wonderful underclass chavs before they are authorised to operate a mobile telephone... I was going to say 'purchase' but it's probably nicked any way!

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