14 Aug 2007

Sex on duty

Police inspector had sex on duty: A senior police officer met a woman for a sex session in a room at Gatwick Airport whilst on duty, a court has heard. Now can't say too much at this stage because the case is still continuing and, everyone is Innocent until proven guilty according to British Law. Although I must say it's usually 'guilty until proven Innocent' for cops! The defendant Insp. Khan (BTP) said... "It was absolutely the wrong thing to do, morally and professionally. I should never have done it" and denies the charge of 'wilful misconduct in a public office' in 2006. Perhaps the hapless Inspector should have either listened to his tutor as a probationer or at least remembered the advice... "There's 3 things that bobbies are likely to get in trouble about during their service lad, booze, women or property". Practice safe sex Inspector... Keep it in your trousers, at least when you're at work!

Addendum: (15-08-07) A jury at Southwark Crown Court has found British Transport Police Inspector Masood Khan, 41, not guilty after deliberating for less then 10 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Further Update: It does seem ironic that only a few short months ago, the deputy leader of our great country was facing very similar accusations. It was publicly revealed that he had engaged in sexual relations, whilst supposedly at times holding the ‘rudder’ of our nation. But Inspector Masood Khan has been hauled through the courts – is this one rule for one and another rule for others? Source: http://www.policeoracle.com/news/detail.cfm?id=14163

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