14 Aug 2007

Man killed trying to stop damage to his car!

Garry Newlove, 47, was assaulted by teenagers in Station Road North in Warrington, Cheshire, on Friday night. He died in hospital on Sunday. Apparently neighbours said Garry was attacked when he approached a gang of youths causing damage to his car. And there's more...

South-East London; A man has died a week after being attacked by two teenagers he confronted for throwing litter into a car window. And so it goes on, hardly a week passes these days without some press coverage about a member of the public getting a good kicking, or worse, for having the 'affront' to challenge some little oik who believes he and his mates have a god given right to steal or damage other peoples property. I say 'he' & 'his' but even more worrying is that quiet often it's 'she' & 'hers'!

No doubt the youths currently being questioned about Garry's death will, if charged and put before a court, receive all the support of social services, legal aid and a smart Barrister. All manner of mitigating circumstances will be offered to the court about, broken families, a rough upbringing and poverty. Perhaps that is right in a civilised Country but what is civilised about kicking a man to death?

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