4 Aug 2007

Foot & Mouth: An anxious wait for farmers

Cattle at a Surrey farm have tested positive for Foot & Mouth disease; the last outbreak in 2001 devastated many parts of rural Britain including North Yorkshire. At this time of year the ban on livestock movements is a major financial headache for our communities and, some agricultural shows and village fetes have already been hit (see Tockwith Show).
Despite the mases of overtime worked during the 2001 outbreak (which gave officers healthy bank balances), I for one would not wish to see the total desimation of our livestock again. Some of our farmers who managed not to go out of business then are only just getting back to normal now!
NY County Council website offers this advice: Following the confirmation of Foot and Mouth disease on a farm in Guildford, Surrey on 3rd August, 2007 should you require any information please refer to the DEFRA website or contact the DEFRA helpline on 08459 33 55 77 or, if you live within North Yorkshire, you can contact the North Yorkshire County Council Animal Health and Welfare helpline on 0845 3301221.

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