16 Aug 2007

Don't 'ave a go... Tell the police!

News broadcasts today gave coverage to the 'new' Home Office advice which has been offered to citizens on the subject of tackling ASB, they suggest... Don't 'ave a go yourself - Contact the Police!
Good stuff, we don't want a nation of vigilante individuals trying to intervene in booze fuelled crime, brawls and violent disorder, do we? The undoubted consequence for our colleagues in the Ambulance Service would be spending all their time conveying well meaning citizens to the local A&E! And, unfortunately not all of these good citizens are likely to even be that lucky, as the media have also reported this week. Well said Home Office, people should leave it to the police!
Excuse me Madam Home Secretary; will that be the same police who struggle to supply adequate and efficient 24/7 response to public demand. You know, the ones who are stymied and crippled by the bureaucracy and bean counting target chasing mentality thrust upon them by your ill informed interfering predecessors and leaders? The ones that you want to put their lives at risk to clean up the refuse of society? The ones your government believe are winging lazy and over paid... Just so we know?

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