17 Aug 2007

Curfew & Care Orders for drunken kids

The CC of Cheshire, Peter Fahy has done well for news coverage this week. His latest reported comment states children should be taken into care if their parents refuse to take responsibility for their underage drinking. It's a refreshing change to see an ACPO officer with the same thoughts as his 'foot soldiers' and, even more refreshing to hear them speak out publicly in that vein. Mr Fahy also pointed out that parents and society have "stepped back from laying down too many standards".
It would be fair to say that we are now reaping the rewards of our nation's fluffy soft liberalism and lack of discipline at home, in schools and in society as a whole. The consequences of this have been children growing up without any sense or understanding of wright or wrong. Now I'm all for empowering people to make their own choices in life, that is a fundamental part of our society however, before you have the right to choice, surly you must have the ability and education to actually make that choice?
I don't believe for one minute the youth of today actually sets off with the intention of being bad. Intends to commit crime, to be violent or to drink their selves to oblivion, at least not originally. The fact is, with little or no parental guidance, a lack lustre education system and a struggling law enforcement and legal system, where is the setting of standards and deterrent not to break those standards?
Many people would say that the majority of other European Nations have far more liberal attitudes than we do, maybe so. However, those nations also have stronger values of family, the community and respect for others. Values born out of parental guidance, respect for others, a solid education, National Service and a healthy work ethic. Where is the incentive in the UK when we have parents that are no more than kids and, a large proportion of people actually grow up believing society owes them! Is it any wonder, a large proportion of their parents have lived on handouts all their life!
Mr Fahy finished by saying "I think a lot of police officers absolutely would be in favour of a time when it's expected that young people are actually at home indoors". He has my support!

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