11 Aug 2007

Council says; Get orf our land!

A pensioner has been told she must stop tending a public flower bed unless she agrees to wear a fluorescent jacket, put up warning signs and use a lookout. June Turnbull, 79, of Urchfront near Devizes, has nurtured the blooms on the plot for six years. But now she is being told to obey health and safety rules after being spotted by a county council official...
Now the well being of the lady concerned is important and, Health & Safety legislation is there and guidelines are there to protect workers from unscrupulous employers but come on, how long are we going to carry on with this Nanny State mentality. I suppose it's a necessary evil of our litigious society which is yet another import from the USA, a nation that needs labels on a stove to say; Placing your hand in the flame is dangerous and may lead to severe burns and the manufacturer and supplier take no responsibility for any injures so received etc. etc. The world's gone bloody barmy!

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