11 Aug 2007

1000 Days At Sea

Looking at 'Other Blogs of Interest' I came across a link for 1000 Days at Sea, which caught my interest. After a quick flip through the blog I went for a look at the supporting website (or should it be the blog supports the website?) however, according to Capt. Reid Stowe; "The object of the voyage is to leave the land and all support, sail for 1,000 days, non-stop at sea without receiving help, to live at sea, to be healthy, to send back good messages and have the whole world follow the voyage and understand the importance of it". To say I was inspired to go to sea again was an understatement!

On days off I often climb the 199 steps to the Abbey or sit by the Whale Bone Arch and look out over the sea... I can understand the feelings that inspired and drove Captain James Cook to become a world famous explorer. I suppose there is a bit of latent explorer in many of us, a consequence of being an island inhabitant and living close to the sea? Who knows, maybe an explorer's life could be a good venture for retirement? Any way must be off and, better remember the kippers for breakfast on my way home!

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