13 Nov 2007

Booze Babies!

BBC NEWS: Alcohol disease 'hits young hard' Branwen Jeffreys (BBC Health correspondent) reports that "More women and young people are developing health problems due to alcohol". Doctors say the social acceptability of heavy drinking was the most important influence on young people and, a new alliance of 'experts' calls for a rise in alcohol taxes, and a bar on TV advertising before 9pm. Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, has said: "If you look at the burden of damage to society, it's hugely greater for alcohol than for drugs, but the majority of money has always gone on drugs, partly because of the strong link to crime." What about the crime and Anti Social SB link to booze?

Tax on alcohol in the UK is already the second highest in Europe so how will extra tax help? It is considered that only 1% of pubs had actually extended their opening hours since the relaxation of the licensing laws, so how will a return to limited opening hours help? 'Experts' reckon 'A bigger problem is the discounting of prices by supermarkets and off licences' but supermarkets and off licences have always sold alcohol. What is it that actually causes the problems then?

The drinks industry has quiet rightly questioned the thought process of Alcohol Health Groups (link), some of which are no more than a knee jerk reaction. A reaction to a social problem which is now endemic in our society, particularly amongst the youth of Britain!

A new anti-alcohol lobby group may have been set up with the aim of increasing tax on alcohol by 10% (link) but where will this lead us? Higher drink tax & no smoking at home... The new nanny state is marching forward by restricting the majority to control the minority, unfortunately unless we address the issues fueling this minority, it is likely they will actually become the majority!

Increased availability of booze due to extended licensing hours and discounted prices are not the problem. The route cause of today's 'couldn't care less society' is a throw back from our societies liberalism! We have let people believe they can actually do whatever they want and not worry about the consequences. We can live our lives as we please and sod the effects on our neighbours, our communities and our families!

There was a time when getting a bit tipsy was a side affect of having a good time. Now it seams every ones intention is to go out, imbibe in drink that is as strong as possible, drink as much as possible, as quick as possible and get totally out of their heads? A phenomenon I have never been able to understand, Why would anyone want to be ill intentionally... Unless they really are totally thick that is!

No, the simple answer to the Booze Britain culture is our societies inherent desire to adopt increased liberal attitudes, to rubbish any thoughts about preserving social standards and, the 'sod the consequences' mentality of today's younger generation! Add to this a reduction of a physical police presence on our streets, in real terms and we have a recipe for anarchy!
Think I need to emigrate... Only problem being that it's getting so much harder to find an area of the world where you can actually escape from the Great British Piss Head tourist!

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