31 Oct 2007

The Faces of Modern Management?

Being a little busy of late I haven't posted to the blog for a while. This probably isn't a major issue unless that is, there are readers out there waiting with baited breath for my next words? Yep, hardly likely I know! That said my despair and regular condemnation of various elements of our society along with discussions about what is wrong with today's police service haven't faltered, it's just I haven't committed them to the ether of the blogging world.
One question came to mind the other day though and it went along the lines of; why do so many police officers appear to totally loose sight of what policing is actually about the higher they ascend the ladder of command?
It appears that once cops loose the need to pass exams for promotion, they also loose an element of their humanity. By this I mean they are more inclined to forget their principles, forget they are part of a team, and find the sudden need to dump on their colleagues or stamp on any opinion that contradicts theirs. Indeed, they forget the reason why the police exists in the first place i.e. protect and serve the public!
I can understand why it happens though, for anyone to get to the top of the police tree it takes that level of single bloody mindedness and determination. It appears that if you haven't got that skill or can't develop it, you will never reach a senior level. Despite all the lip service to political correctness, diversity awareness, anti bullying initiatives, embracing of partnerships and embroidered truths during media opportunities, the hierarchy of today's police service appear to be there for one reason and one reason only, themselves!
Today we have to listen to a load of politically correct spiel that often says nothing and gives no answers or decisions and, it's delivered by people with more faces than Big Ben. Just at that very moment you think you've understood the direction your leader wants you to go, it's about turn... All because of the possibility of a new notch on the CV or publicity opportunity. True politicians! On top of all this, they generally have the ability to proffer a face of stark surprise and total denial when challenged about something they have said previously.
Alf says: Bring back the good old days of pompous, plain speaking, bullying time served gaffers who expected you to ask "how high Sir" when they told you to jump. At least then you knew where you stood!

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