28 Sep 2007

Want a Beer?

Yes I'd love one but no, that's not the purpose of this post's title! Beer (and other alcoholic drinks) are frowned upon by many. Lots of people see drinking as the 'root of all evil' however, it's not the drink that is the problem in itself no, it's the idiots who drink to excess and have no thought or care for anyone else, let alone themselves.
Trust me, after nearly 30 years in the police I know what I'm talking about. I, like many other people, enjoy a drink (see Alf's Locker) but I don't go and get shit faced and cause a problem for everyone else around me!
Now there's a lot of hot air expelled from many who talk about beer and drinking, some of it over the years has even come from CAMRA, the beer consumers' champion however, they currently want to see an end to short beer measures and I would have to agree.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see flat beer that's filled to the rim of the glass (like some woosy southerners often drink) but the National Full Pints Petition has a point. The Take it to the top campaign suggests we are all getting short measures and that's just not cricket! Getting what you ask for, without getting ripped off by profiteering conglomerates, is hard enough these days, especially in the UK. The 'Take it to the Top' moniker is perhaps a bit misleading, if all pubs did that we would get flat beer. You can't beat getting good head, if you know what I mean (still talking beer... concentrate)? That's why we have a line on our glasses in the North to allow for the head so...
Give me a pint, a proper pint but for gawd sake, don't fill it to the top without any head!

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