28 Aug 2007

Traffic Resources increasing?

I picked up the latest copy of Police Review in the office today and found that thankfully, I'm not alone in my recent Road Policing thoughts. Derek Barnett of the Superintendents Association is quoted as saying; "we are beginning to see a return of resources to specialist roads policing duties". The article reports that the service has 'ignored' the public's concerns about speeding motorists and anti-social driving for too long and, I like many would agree. It would appear that senior officers are now in tune with the consensus...
In the words of the TV advert... That makes a refreshing change!
Northern Echo: POLICE have spoken of their dismay at a weekend of crashes which left two motorcyclists dead and four seriously injured. The Deputy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police Adam Briggs is quoted as saying; the force would be continuing with its hard-line road safety campaign in the wake of the crashes.
Alf Says: I hope that the comments of the DCC are not short lived and we do see a return to a proper Road Policing functionality within the force. Not just a one off operation to pacify public opinion. See full report on BBC North Yorkshire

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