21 Aug 2007

Rampant Rabbit in shop raid

No, not the fluffy kind... The fabled 'woman's friend'! The Guardian reported that; Robber jailed for sex toy 'armed' raid at a bookmakers shop... Apparently he went into the shop demanding money whilst brandishing the vibrator inside a carrier bag. Maybe our hapless robber had read some of the sales blurb before borrowing his girlfriends toy? "This bad boy bunny is nothing short of genius", or "angle them exactly to hit" and "It may look scary but trust us, you're about to meet your new best friend"... The best 'weapon' to get what you want!
Unsurprisingly the standard comments tripped from the tongue of the defence who said his client, a qualified chef and engineer, 'had fought a battle against drug addiction and had a "fragile" state of mind'. Obviously not very bright either!

Apparently 'The Rabbit' is so popular it has even been the subject of a feature film? 'Rabbit Fever', billed as the British Comedy that hits the spot, portrays the trials and tribulations of a group of women who desperately try to quit using the much-fabled rabbit vibrator! Note: Rampant Rabbit is a trademark of Ann Summers Limited.

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