12 Aug 2007

Communications technology is bad for you!

Not only do we suffer from masses of bureaucracy in the police service, to the extent it often hinders our efficiency, now it’s confirmed that the electronic technology that supports most of it is also bad for our health!

According to the web guru Jakob Nielsen, it is computers which are starting to control us, and it is time to "rule the computer and put it back in its place". I must say I have to agree!

I also believe that the electronic age has had an adverse effect on line management, particularly in the police. Far too often police managers abdicate their responsibility to their staff by cascading a deluge of electronic crap to the troops. They, and the organisation as a whole, believe you can train by email, you can reprimand and discipline via email and much less often, you can even reward via email. Is it any wonder that officers are becoming office bound? What ever happened to the Sergeants and Inspectors actually talking to their officers face to face? They don’t have the time that’s what happened, they are also being buried in a mountain of electronic manure whilst struggling to find the time to complete statistical returns, targeted reports, KPI returns and the like! No wonder the poor young in service cop on the streets often gets little or no supervisory guidance these days!

Must remember to send an email of thanks to Vinton Cerf & Robert Kahn... Oh yes, and cc it to all at DARPA! (See WikiAnswers)

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