6 Aug 2007

HMP Ritz - Prison or Hotel?

Apparently, daily cell checks are to be scrapped under confidential plans being drawn up by the Prison Service to save money, according to various newspapers.... Now I'm not one to suggest we should treat people inhumanly or abuse basic human rights, if we did that would make our society no better than criminals. No what I and many others cry out for is make prison a proper punishment, yes include rehabilitation by way of education etc. but make it a bloody punishment! During all my many years of police service I can site several examples of 'customers' who habitually got themselves convicted of crime just to go to prison, why? Better facilities than home, regular supply of drugs, no living or personal expenditure... A free hotel room for many, only disadvantage being you can't go out for a walk... Even that is also available at many of our institutions now. It makes you wonder if incarceration as a 'deterrent' will ever have the desired effect any more?

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