15 Aug 2007

Condemnation of 'chav-hunt' spoof

One of Scotland's top private schools has condemned a video which showed ex-pupils staging a mock "chav hunt". "Class Wars" was posted on the Internet site YouTube by former students at Glenalmond College, near Perth. The film showed teenagers wearing shell suits being chased by classmates dressed as aristocrats. Apparently the school is up in arms about the posting describing the spoof as "deeply offensive" and arguing that it "did not reflect the ethos at the school"? Despite having the actual video removed from the site after managing to contact the person(s) responsible, there is now news footage available which depicts the crux of the story anyway! As the video does not 'reflect their ethos' I wonder how many Chavs are actually pupils there? And, what success this fine establishment is having providing them with an education? If their Academic achievements are all they are purported to be, perhaps Chavs should be sent there instead of receiving an ASBO? Maybe then we would start to reverse their trend for anti social behaviour and offending?

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