9 Aug 2007

Calendar Girls Charity Chocolate

The women of the Rylestone Women's Institute have already gained notoriety by stripping naked for the world's most famous calendar. Now they have lent their bodies to something more wicked still - chocolate. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/
The ladies, from the opposite side of the County, have over the years made a massive contribution to Leukaemia Research. A fine example of what is good about our country and it's community spirit. Pity this sort of thing is now unusual when it was once the norm. Too often these days, large elements of our society have no interest in doing things for anyone but themselves!
The now world famous Calendar Girls have raised over £1 million for Leukaemia Research – and their invaluable work continues. The Chocolate box is available online from Leukaemia Research for £1.99, with 20p going to the charity.

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