18 Aug 2007

British Managers - 'Bad decision makers'

The Institute of Leadership & Management have recently reported on a study carried out by YouGov for Investors in People. The study highlights the that poor decisions made by managers have a negative impact on employees. It states; Nearly half of employees believe their managers are poor decision makers, blaming incompetence and lack of confidence for their indecision.
In contrast, the majority (82%) of managers say that their bosses are good decision makers? Could this be a consequence of them being buried so far in some directorial rear orifice, looking for the next rung of the promotion ladder, that they can't differentiate see the difference between the good and bad?

The report goes on to say (about bad managers); employees are left feeling frustrated or angry and causes a loss of respect for managers. The whole issue leads to detrimental performance of the business, it damages morale and it reduces productivity. Simon Jones, acting chief executive of Investors in People UK, is quoted as saying: 'This is a worrying problem for UK organisations. Effective decision-making is a vital skill for any manager and critical to the smooth operation of the organisation as a whole". No shit Sherlock!

Nearly half of employees claim that when bosses make a decision, they simply inform others afterwards. Mr Jones added: "it is particularly worrying that managers are failing to involve other people as they put plans in place". Very reminiscent of Government & ACPO strategies for 'Police Reform' don't you think?

For more information about the survey, visit http://www.investorsinpeople.co.uk/

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